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Nice Email from former Student

Hi Jeff,

It is one of your students from the past! I am wrapping up my senior project (a 4 channel digital oscilloscope) and I just wanted to give you a huuuuuge thank you. Your class literally saved this project.

The two team members who designed the analog part of the circuit never actually tested it on a breadboard or proto board before ordering a PCB. When I looked over the schematic I found 3 errors immediately. Then several grounding errors as I was building the circuit. Then in my troubleshooting I learned all kinds of cool things about circuit layout and filtering. I just finished finding the last mystery of underdamping on the op amp outputs that created some unwanted ringing in the circuit. All of this was possible from your guidance! I am soooo appreciative of what you have done for me. Your class is worth 10 times any of the classes I took at the university.

I hope you are doing well!!!!!!!! I will send you some pics and video of the scope in action soon!



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