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A few words from our loyal customers:

-Damn. This is a tragedy (for everyone else at least). Good luck with the future

-Wow. Such a shame to lose such an amazing shop from the metro area.

-Sad news to hear you guys are leaving NY. Best of luck in the West Jeff!

-:-( sad news for me... You guys are the best of the best. I wish you luck and I am truly sad to see you guys go. I have had so many good memory's from you guys fixing my gear and brining a cs15 back to life with a mouse nest in it.

-Bummer! I loved seeing you guys in NY. :-( But I completely understand. I'm glad I got to see that part of the operation. Thanks for all you do, and I hope to send you synths in the near future.

-Oh no this is too much...


-Good luck with the move Jeff. Thanks for your expert service over the last several years.

-Noooo...Oh man i knew it was coming but still... the true end of an era!

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