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An Important Announcement from The Analog Lab

Jeff Blenkinsopp—the founder, chief technician, and sonic wizard of The Analog Lab—is relocating from the East Coast and heading west. He will continue to run The Analog Lab from his new location, but its operations will be scaled back.

What does this mean for you?

  • The Analog Lab will no longer accept repairs at its NYC location as of September 15. If you already have a repair underway with us, we will complete it as planned.

  • Starting November 15, Jeff will begin to take some repairs again, but they will need to be shipped to his new location. Because he will reduce his workload, The Analog Lab might not be able to take all repairs.

  • The Analog Lab can refer you to a competent NY-area technician after November 15, if it’s not possible or practical for The Analog Lab to do the repair at its new location.

  • After its move, The Analog Lab will offer other services, including online-based services. Please check our website for updates.

The Analog Lab’s phone number and e-mail address will remain the same:

Phone: 212.868.2492


We hope you’ll remain in touch and that The Analog Lab can continue to serve your synth needs.


The Analog Lab

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