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SYNTHBOARDS are Advanced

Repair/Service documentation.





The Analog Lab has perhaps the world's most authoritative and extensive collection of manuals,

schematics, photos, and other documentation of analog equipment. These documents are often critical for

repairing and servicing equipment, making the difference between a quick, complete repair and hours of

confusion and an incomplete (or even damaging) attempt at fixing the equipment. The Analog Lab, through

its 40+ years of work on this equipment, has also compiled its own service notes and documentation,

providing a rich, unrivaled archive that can't be found anywhere else. SYNTHBOARDS are The Analog Lab's

special online product providing it all, and more, in one place.


A typical SYNTHBOARD includes:

  • schematics 

  • service manuals

  • photos

  • test points

  • real world measurements

  • oscilloscope photos of waveforms

  • problems we've encountered in the past

  • pin-outs of specialized components

  • and more 

Is a synthboard ready for your equipment? 

Contact us at for more information.

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