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People have come from all over the world to experience a one of a kind, hands-on technical mentoring training through The Analog Lab.


Twice a year we offer an 8 week intensive course for individuals interested in further understanding the inner workings of their musical equipment, becoming an audio gear tech, or analog designer.

Classes meet two nights a week for 8 weeks at The Analog Lab, plus 2 1/2 weekend project day sessions.


No prior knowledge of electronics is necessary, and classes are designed to adapt to a wide range of skill levels and interests. Topics covered include working on electronics safely, component recognition, circuit design, pro-tips, studio setup, etc. While a focus of the course is vintage synthesizers, classes branch out into FX pedals, tube amps, etc, and class material is tailored to students’ interest. A major part of the course includes students’ projects (a repair, a kit to build, or an original design).

After completing the class, students have a much better understanding of the technical mindset and have a newfound confidence in the inner workings of audio equipment along with an in depth understanding of the history of audio electronics.


  • The Tech Mindset

  • History of Audio Electronics

  • Component Recognition

  • Schematic Reading

  • Soldering

  • How to use Multimeters

  • How to Operate an Oscilloscope

  • Proper Grounding Techniques

  • Wiring

  • Transistors

  • Op Amps

  • And More...



Jeff Blenkinsopp, the Sonic Wizard of The Analog Lab, who mentors the course, has been involved with major artists and instrument manufacturers for over 30 years. Jeff started the Mentoring Program to share his extensive knowledge with the next generation of techs…you!

Get comfortable with an oscilloscope! Learn to love your screwdriver! Burn yourself with a soldering iron! Get to know how the best gear gets its sound! All of that and much more awaits!

Class is kept to a maximum of 6 students to allow more one-on-one time for each student.




You will leave the course with a “real world” education that you can’t get anywhere else!

For an in depth outline of our Tech Mentoring Program.


“I came into this class purely from the creative world. I studied composition and toured for almost a decade. In those years I broke way more things than I ever tried to fix. I considered myself basically inept when it came to tech work. But after being surrounded by vintage gear, all in some need of repair, I finally sought a long term solution.

Jeff is a great teacher. The class is fantastic. It truly sets up a solid foundation for being able to understand and fix your own gear. I am now able to open up a synth and not get utterly baffled.”

-Josh Benash


“This course moved me beyond the front panel and into the actual guts of the synthesizers I have always loved to play.  The course is rigorous and yet differentiated enough that a table of diverse individuals–from techs, to musicians, to studio workers–all gain the insight they need based on the level they are at.  Jeff does an excellent job of recognizing where each student is and then delivering the information in a way that is both clear and relevant.  However, although the course is accessible for even a beginning technician, a quick review of the syllabus will demonstrate that this is no pleasure cruise but a time intensive, thorough, deep, hands on class on how to possess the tech mindset and understand the components, schematics, and tools of the trade.”

-Nathan Cearly


“I would highly recommend this class to anyone looking to explore electronics and to develop understanding.  Within no time I was cracking open some of my gear and fixing things.  It’s a class well suited for a range of people: from someone fixing broken gear, to synth aficionados and aspiring techs, or to anyone with an interest in finally grasping electronics.”

-Chris Rodriguez


“Jeff makes the oft daunting world of audio electronics not only approachable but fun. If you’ve any interest in learning what’s under the proverbial hood of your gear I can’t recommend this enough.”

-Igor Dinerman


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